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Let's start by addressing the blurriness...

Magniband will produce the perfect macro result when held roughly 1 inch from an object, any distance out of this range will result in a blurry, out of focus shot. Don't fear- your Magniband isn't broken! Now, onto the tips...


#1: Find the right depth of field

Magniband will produce a beautifully sharp image of any object with a blurred effect around it. Use this to your advantage to achieve a warm, cinematic effect.

#2: Look for the details!

Incredible detail can be found in almost everything around you, but to reveal the most beauty with Magniband®, you'll need to let your imagination run wild. How about a beautiful diamond ring, the wing of a butterfly or even the filament of a lightbulb.

#3: Get the lighting right

A dull Magniband® macro is likely due to a dull and dark environment. Remember sunlight brings the best out of every object so come in from an angle that lets sunlight into the scene. The result will be a professional, crisp photo with great shadows and more depth.

#4: Explore nature

The most beautiful detail is in the physical world. Discover the vibrancy of an Orchid or the intricacies of a wasp's face - it's all waiting to be discovered.

#5: Take some Magniband macro videos

What's even better than taking a snapshot of something beautiful is capturing it moving! You'll need some practice with your Magniband before getting this right, but the results can be amazing.

Share your creations with us with #Magniband and be in for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page!

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